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zdrak ♡ 301 ( +1 | -1 )
Long time no post games ... So here is one:

White: A. Markovich (2173)
Black: Yours Truly (1971)
Regional league, round 8
Time control: game in 2 hrs

1. e4 c5
2. Nf3 d6
3. d4 cxd4
4. Nxd4 Nf6
5. Nc3 a6
6. g3

He wants to take me out of book, eh? Well, take ...

6... e5

... that!

7. Nde2 Be6
8. Bg2 Nbd7
9. O-O b5
10. a3 Nb6

Black seems to have a nice position, with a firm control of d5 - which is what matters in similar positions. However in the next few moves I start wandering around with my queen instead of completing development (Be7, 0-0, Rc8)

11. f4 Qc8
12. Kh1 Be7
13. b3 Qc5?
14. Qd3 O-O

I intended to play here 14...Ng4, but alas white has the simple 15.Qf3 with advantage.

15. Be3 Qc7
16. h3 Rfd8
17. f5 Bc8

As a result of black's inaccuracies white stands better. But the kingside storm plan is probably a bit too ambitious ?

18. g4 Bb7
19. g5 Nfd7
20. Nd5

A logical continuation would have been 20.f6. Since white refrains from this move, black can organize his defense.

20... Nxd5
21. exd5 f6
22. h4 Rac8
23. c3 Nc5

Suddenly black has the initiative!

24. Qd1 a5
25. Rb1 a4

But this is too hasty. Black is overlooking something...

26. Bxc5 dxc5
27. bxa4 bxa4
28. Qxa4

Only now did I notice that after 28...Bxd5 29.Bxd5 Rxd5 the pin 30.Qc4 is very unpleasant for black. So I try to prevent this, but allow white another tactical shot. Fritz recommends 28...Rd6, intending to capture on g5 or d5 later.

28... c4??
29. Rxb7! Qxb7
30. d6

Now black is almost lost! I try one last chance - a passed pawn on b3.

30... Qb3
31. Qxb3 cxb3
32. dxe7 Rd2
33. Bf3?

White returns the favor with a mistake of his own. After 33.Ng3 white should win.

33... Kf7
34. Rb1 b2
35. Kg1 e4

This is the punishment for the unsuccessful move 33.Bf3 ...

36. g6+ hxg6
37. fxg6+ Kxe7
38. Bg4 Ra8!

The rook penetrates to a1 and white must lose some material.

39. Kf2 Rxa3
40. Bf5 Ra1
41. Bxe4 Rxb1
42. Bxb1 Rd1
43. Bf5 b1=Q?

So far so good, but instead of this move, black could have won with 43...Kd6 - preventing the entrapement of the black king as happened in the game. b1=Q could have been played on the next move as well ...

44. Bxb1 Rxb1
45. Nd4!

White finds the only way to achieve a drawish position.

45... Rc1
46. Nf5+ Kf8
47. Kg3?? Rxc3+??

A small comedy of errors in mutual time-trouble: white should have played 47.Kf3. After his mistake, black could have tipped the scales in his favour with 47...Rg1+ and 48...Rxg6

48. Kg4 Rc4+
49. Kg3 Rc7
50. h5 Rd7
51. Kg4

Ok, so now g7 is defended, and I intended to win by walking my king around the rook - Kf8-e8-d8-c7-etc. - but noticed in time that if the king goes to far away to the queenside, white plays Nxg7! Rxg7 Kf5 - and he actually wins! So now I realised I cannot win this endgame - unless my opponent helps out. He had about 3 minutes here, I had 5, so I decided to wait for his mistake.

51... Rd5
52. Kf4 Re5
53. Ng3??

And here it comes! I saw no way to win, had he just kept moving his king around.

53... Rg5

But now the knight is stuck on g3, to defend h5, and black's king is released from his jail! Black is winning. This game has been one heck of a roller-coaster, but now it's coming to an end. Although I have little time on my clock, my technique is good enough.

54. Kf3 Ke7
55. Kf4 Ke6
56. Kf3 Ra5
57. Kf4 Ra4+
58. Kf3 f5
59. Ne2 Kf6
60. Ng3 Kg5
61. Kf2 Ra2+
62. Kf3 Ra3+

How I can sack the exchange and remain with 2 pawns vs. nothing.

63. Kf2 Rxg3
64. Kxg3 Kxh5
65. Kf4 Kxg6

We both had about 1 minute now, but I did manage to promote a pawn and checkmate him just in time. Remaining moves not given ...


The team result was a 2-2 draw, in case anyone cares...

loreta ♡ 24 ( +1 | -1 )
I enjoyed! zdak, continue please (posting games)!
And just my two cents:
10. a3
Maybe, White was afraid of further advance of black b pawn. But 10. b4 doesn't any harm to white.
My opinion, better was to advance the pawn in another side, I mean 10. h3