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Do You Want To Join A Team? We are looking for a couple people to join
our team. We are a competitive team
with a good group of people. I am looking
for someone who is serious about chess play
and will stick with the team for a long while.
Someone who is a "team player" by that I mean
someone who will periodiclally contact the
team with suggestions and just freindly
exchange of thoughts.

Rating or playing strength is not as important
as reliability. A mid level rating [1400-1800]
is very desirable. You would need to regularly
check into GK and make your moves in a
timely fashion. Timeouts are totally
unacceptable so you would have to be able
to play at the pace prescribed for team games,
3days/move. You must be able to handle at
least 10 team games at one time.

Anyone interested in joining please contact me.
I will then contact you with a few questions
and it will be up to me and my team mates to
accept you into our team.

I know GK has some people out there that
are looking to join a team. Here is your
oppourtunity to join a good, active team.
Chuck-captain Chuck's Knights