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sr_ajedrez ♡ 56 ( +1 | -1 )
i need to better myself on line calculation.
no matter how hard i try i can not calculate many lines in a game , im too slow and
get lost in the variations. I can play blindfold but still can not calculate that many lines.

almost always endup playing soard of by heart which is not that bad until i get to play really high competition. i blew a beautifull game whith onlyapawn which should have been a draw for that
its been sometime since but that one was a an important one for me( i did enjoy it a lot though).

and im starting to feel upset about it.

advise please.

nottop ♡ 55 ( +1 | -1 )
maybe try There is a book by Soltis (I think) - called "The Inner Game of Chess" - I think. That book might be helpful.

You might also consider a database. You can save "interim positions" in that - this might help in calculations to see if you could have missed something. You can work one interim position for some moves, then work an alternate position with a different move by you or your opponent. Then you can look at them both, compare them, and see if maybe you have overlooked something.

Good luck.
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taoistlunatic ♡ 98 ( +1 | -1 )
I know how you feel Often I calculate lines deeply, but then find that there is one move which I didn't notice halfway through the line which ruins my whole plan.
Currently I am also working on my calculation skills, It seems that most chess-teachers recommend studying combinations, and going over grandmaster games, trying to calculate all the complex moves by yourself, until you get better at it.
(kind of like weight-lifting, the harder you lift, the stronger you get, i.e. the harder you calculate the stronger you become at it.)

One thing I have learned is to write down my candidate moves, and after analyzing them briefly, crossing out the moves which obviously do nothing for my position. Then if there two or three moves left, which i am having a hard time calculating the differences, I usually play the move which my intuition goes with. But nevertheless I know I need to calculate deeper, as intuition is often an excuse for laziness. :)
sr_ajedrez ♡ 9 ( +1 | -1 )
tx for your advise i do have Soltis book. it is insightfull
and it did help me , but ive reached a plato.

tx again

sr_ajedrez ♡ 24 ( +1 | -1 )
i think i need to get my hands dirty , but i dont wanna do it the wrong way and spend all that time an energy
i need a well guided effort. So what im looking for is a proven and most efective way of better ones calculation skills

onlyapawn ♡ 157 ( +1 | -1 )
Alejandro :) I think you are being too hard on yourself!

If I remember the game correctly, you were trying very hard to win the game! There is nothing wrong with that, it's what all players should strive for.

I believe your error was in not recognizing that the win was not there but, the draw was!

I took a look at your stats and they are very good! The one thing that jumped out at me was your very low number of draws! I believe that as many as half of your losses may have been draws if you had understood at the correct moment of the game that it was time to let go of trying to win and then played for the draw. Experience will help in this respect.

I'm going to post our game pgn in hopes that nottop or someone will annotate the game so we will get an independent opinion concerning this.

Mark :)

[Event "Challenge from sr_ajedrez"]
[Site "board #134818"" target="_blank"> #134818";]
[Date "2002.04.05"]
[White "sr_ajedrez"]
[Black "onlyapawn"]
[Result "0-1"]
[WhiteElo "1719"]
[BlackElo "2170"]
[TimeControl "1/259200"]
[Mode "ICS"]
[Termination "normal"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. cxd5 Nxd5 5. e4 Nxc3
6. bxc3 c5 7. Bc4 Bg7 8. Ne2 Nc6 9. Be3 O-O 10. O-O Qc7
11. Rc1 Na5 12. Bd3 b6 13. Qd2 Rd8 14. Bh6 Bh8 15. Qe3 Qd7
16. Rf-d1 Bb7 17. e5 cxd4 18. cxd4 Ra-c8 19. h4 Bd5 20. Rxc8 Rxc8
21. Nf4 Bxa2 22. h5 Qg4 23. Be2 Qd7 24. Qg3 Bg7 25. hxg6 Bxh6
26. Bg4 Qa4 27. Qh4 Kg7 28. Nh5+ Kh8 29. Nf4 Rg8 30. Qxh6 fxg6
31. Qg5 Qe8 32. d5 Rg7 33. d6 exd6 34. exd6 Nb7 35. d7 Qd8
36. Qe5 Qe7 37. Qb8+ Nd8 38. Be6 g5 39. Bxa2 gxf4 40. Qxf4 Rg5
41. g3 Kg7 42. Kg2 Qf6 43. Qc4 h5 44. Rd6 Qxd6 45. Qg8+ Kh6
46. Qh8+ Kg6 47. Qg8+ Kh6 48. Qh8+ Kg6 49. Bb1+ Kf7 50. Qxd8 Qd5+
51. Kh2 Rg8 52. Qc7 Kf6 53. Qc8 Ke7 54. Be4 Qa2 55. Bc2 Rd8

sr_ajedrez ♡ 31 ( +1 | -1 )
tx onlyapawn im dedusting some music cd's. and im listening to
Vai's Pasion and warfare , i had forgotten how exiting these pieces are. I think you would apreciate my comentarie on this.

that game was hard work for me at all levels, and i dont think i can produce anotherone like that whithout breaking something valuable :o).

onlyapawn ♡ 4 ( +1 | -1 )
One must never forget Steve Vai!! :)
tulkos ♡ 14 ( +1 | -1 )
did you try to play through games without using a board?I found Brilliancies helpful for this,with diagrams every 4 or so moves.
nottop ♡ 123 ( +1 | -1 )
games lost I think it is a great idea that you are concerned with a game you have lost. Most players want to replay the games they have won. But the games players win are not the problem.

When I consider the games I've lost, I never hammer myself for not finding a better move. If I could find the bette move, then I would be a better player. I can't hammer myself for that, because I would like to always make better moves and be a better player.
But I can hammer myself for -
1 - not recognizing a key position (ala Dorfman)
II - in a key position not giving almost as much thought as to what my opponent is attempting to do as to what I am attempting to do.
III - incorrect objective evaluation of the position.

I am looking at the game and I think it was a great game played by both sides.

I am going to email my analysis to ajedrez.
There were extremely concrete positons where moving one piece over just a square would change the whole outlook.

At the end, I think you had to recognize you had to "bail out", take the draw. You could have done this even very late in the game.

I believe it is a great attitude to go for the win at all costs, but sometimes it's just not realistic.

You should feel no discouragement at helping to create such a fine game.

legion ♡ 11 ( +1 | -1 )
Acne... If your opening theory is a bit spotty, then I think your choice is pimple and boils down to 1.e4 :-)
sr_ajedrez ♡ 37 ( +1 | -1 )
im not hammering myself for just one game but for all the positions i cant
unriddle to a better degree of certainty.Onlyapawn game was one that i enjoyed much ,and meant a lot
and its just a fine example of what i gave up because i could not forsee there was nothing there but air.

thank u all for your public and private commentaries. im sure theyll prove helpfull in the near future.

sr_ajedrez ♡ 222 ( +1 | -1 )
Fritz is it any good?

i recently got Fritz 6 (i borrowed it from and uncle)
and yesterday ran the onlyapawn game thru it. its interesting at the least.

meaning of some symbols:

$19 -+ (black wins)

$17 -/+ (advantage to black)

$6 ?! (interesting but dubious)

$2 ? bad move

$4 ?? blunder

$18 +- (white wins)

$11 = (equality)

$1 ! (good move)

$15 =/+ (small advantage to black)

$14 +/= (small advantage to white)

$5 !? (interesting and probably good)

$16 +/- (advantage to white)

[Event "Challenge from sr_ajedrez"]
[Site "board #134818"]
[Date "2002.04.05"]
[Round "?"]
[White "sr_ajedrez"]
[Black "onlyapawn"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "D87"]
[WhiteElo "1719"]
[BlackElo "2170"]
[Annotator "Fritz 6 (30s)"]
[PlyCount "110"]
[EventDate "2002.??.??"]

1. d4 {D87: Exchange Gruenfeld: Classical Line: Variations without ...cxd4}

1... Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. cxd5 Nxd5 5. e4 Nxc3 6. bxc3 c5 7. Bc4 Bg7 8.
Ne2 Nc6 9. Be3 O-O 10. O-O Qc7 11. Rc1 Na5 12. Bd3 b6 13. Qd2 Rd8 14. Bh6 Bh8
15. Qe3 {White prepares the advance e5}

15... Qd7 16. Rfd1 Bb7 17. e5 {This push gains space}

({Inferior is} 17. dxc5 Nc4 18. Bc2 Qxd1+ 19. Bxd1 Nxe3
20. Bxe3 Bxe4 $19)

17... cxd4 18. cxd4 ({Instead of} 18. Qxd4 Qe6 19. Qh4 Bxe5

18... Rac8 19. h4 Bd5 20. Rxc8 Rxc8 21. Nf4 Bxa2 22. h5 Qg4

(22... Bc4 $142 $5 $17)

23. Be2 $11 Qd7 24. Qg3 Bg7 25. hxg6 (25. Bxg7 $5 Kxg7 26. d5 $11)

25... Bxh6 $15

({Worse is} 25... fxg6 26. Bxg7 Kxg7 27. d5 $11)

26. Bg4 Qa4 27.Qh4 Kg7

(27... hxg6 28. Qxh6 Qc2 $14)

28. Nh5+ $11 Kh8 29. Nf4 {Discovered attack. Threatening mate... how?}

29... Rg8

(29... Bxf4 {Exploits the pin} 30. Qxh7# {A beautiful mate combination})

30. Qxh6 {Threatening mate: Qxh7}

30... fxg6 31. Qg5 Qe8 32. d5 Rg7 33. d6 exd6 34. exd6

{The passed pawn on d6 quickly leads to threats} ({Less advisable is} 34. Rxd6
Nb7 35. Rd4 Bb3 $15)

34... Nb7 35. d7 {Do you see the mate threat?}

35... Qd8 36. Qe5 {White threatens Be6}

36... Qe7 37. Qb8+

(37. Qa1 Bf7 38. Re1 $18 (38.Qxa7 $6 Nd8 $18))

37... Nd8 $16 38. Be6 $1 {staying in the lead}

38... g5

(38... Qxe6 39. Nxe6 {Theme: Double Attack})

39. Bxa2 gxf4 40. Qxf4 Rg5 41. g3 Kg7 42. Kg2 Qf6 43. Qc4 h5

44. Rd6 $1 {White is still ahead. Threatening mate... how?}

44... Qxd6 45. Qg8+ {A double attack}

45... Kh6 46. Qh8+ Kg6 47. Qg8+ Kh6 48. Qh8+

(48. Qxd8 Rxg3+
49. fxg3 Qc6+ 50. Kf2 Qc5+ 51. Ke2 Qe5+ 52. Kd3 Qf5+ 53. Kd4 Qf2+ 54. Kd5 Qc5+
55. Ke6 Qc6+ 56. Ke7 Qe4+ 57. Kd6 Qg6+ 58. Kc7 Qxg3+ 59. Kb7 Qg2+ 60. Kb8 Qh2+
61. Qc7 Qxc7+ 62. Kxc7 $18)

48... Kg6 $11 49. Bb1+ Kf7

{Black begins to deal mighty blows}

50. Qxd8

(50. Ba2+ $142 {and White can hope to live} 50... Kg6 $11)

50... Qd5+ $17 51. Kh2 Rg8 52. Qc7 {The mate threat is d8Q}

52... Kf6 53. Qc8

(53. Kg1 Qd4 $19)

53... Ke7 $19 54.Be4 Qa2

{Threatening mate: Qxf2}

(54... Rxc8 $2 {looks very tantalising, but}
55. dxc8=N+ (55. Bxd5 $4 {White is too greedy} 55... Kxd7 56. Kg2 a5 $19)
55...Kd8 56. Bxd5 Kxc8 57. Kg2 $18) (54... Qxe4 $6 {is the weaker alternative} 55.
Qxg8 Kxd7 56. Qf7+ Qe7 57. Qxh5 $17)

55. Bc2

(55. Kg1 h4 56. Qc7 Rd8 $19)


(55... Rd8 56. Qc3 Rxd7 (56... Kxd7 $6 57. Bf5+ Ke8 58. Qc6+ Ke7 59. Qc7+
Kf6 60. Qxd8+ Kxf5 61. Qf8+ Ke5 62. Kg2 $17) 57. Qe5+ Qe6 58. Qxh5 Qf6 59. Qe2+
Kf8 $19)


$19 -+ (black wins)

$17 -/+ (advantage to black)

$6 ?! (interesting but dubious)

$2 ? bad move

$4 ?? blunder

$18 +- (white wins)

$11 = (equality)

$1 ! (good move)

$15 =/+ (small advantage to black)

$14 +/= (small advantage to white)

$5 !? (interesting and probably good)

$16 +/- (advantage to white)
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tulkos ♡ 1 ( +1 | -1 )
what about side affects?
sr_ajedrez ♡ 5 ( +1 | -1 )
Poligamy is ilegal on western civilizations tulkos :O)