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2 Player Chess ♡ 1 ( +1 | -1 )
who thinks it is cheating to use a computer? and also,should there be certain kinds of tournaments where you can use anything you can to win? its cheating its cheating, and for your second question, no. The ansswer to second question is yes. It has been already discussed in another thread; I don't remember the site where these kind of tournaments are held. Maybe someone does remember. Alex The Site advanced chess There is a game… More: chess online
Play Chess Against Computer ♡ 40 ( +1 | -1 )
Subject: GK Forum v Fritz: Round 1 - Page 3 Interesting stuff! I'm thinking Be3 too, it's what I would play anyway - whether that's a good thing or not is another matter! GM Michael Adams ... Plays both sides of the Scotch. Also plays 5.Nb3 in his wins with WT. -> -> I'm looking for some good GM games with 5.Be3 too, but not finding them so far. I'll program in that position and see what comes up,… More: backgammon online
Chess Flash ♡ 79 ( +1 | -1 )
Chess Vision Is anyone here familiar with Michael De La Maza techniques to help a player improve his vision of the board? As far as I know it is a tactical based exercise. Has anyone here tried it? And if so...What are your thoughts. I find his theories interesting. 400 points in 400 days I think his initial article was called, 400 Points in 400 Days. I tried some of his suggestions and did find that my play improved significantly. However, that… More: online chess
Online Chess Games ♡ 118 ( +1 | -1 )
the probability of winning if you see a winning move, how would you measure the likelihood that your opponent doesn't see it? if this can be answered, what distribution would this take? certainly the variance to this distribution could be quite large, but maybe with thought this can be reduced. for this, we could use: 1. larger difference in rating implies a greater difference in depth. 2. smaller time allocated implies less depth. 3. lower… More: backgammon online
Chess Problems ♡ 157 ( +1 | -1 )
IQ & Chess I am interested to find out if a players IQ is at all comparable to their rating. Do the higher ranked players have a higher IQ? Has such a survey been carried out before? Does anybody know of GM's IQ? To start the ball rolling my IQ is 143 and I am currently around 1770 & hopefully still improving. This link is quite interesting.. -> indeed it is leo... only apparantly the average person in terms of iq… More: chess history
Chess Puzzle ♡ 196 ( +1 | -1 )
player ratings I was just wondering about the relationship between the ratings here on gameknot and "real life" OTB rating... For those of you this applies to, is your "real life" rating about the same, higher, lower? Is the elo rating only really valid for comparing like with like, e.g. two gameknot players? Also I play a lot of Blitz games.. I think it would be nice to have a separate rating system for these and perhaps generation of pgn at play chess online…
Chess ♡ 235 ( +1 | -1 )
Best correspondence chess. What do you consider the best correspondence chess games ever played? Why? -> Estrin - Berliner, 1965 1) It's one of the few games I know that I personally know to be a CC game. 2) As far as I know, it's of theoretical importance with regards to the opening. 3) Just look at it! It's insane, it's amazing. How many of us would have been able to hold things together through all that? Great game, play chess online…
Chess Online Free ♡ 274 ( +1 | -1 )
the greatest player never to be world champion! I say korchnoi. i say me. duh. ummmmmmmm i say paul morphy. he was declared world champion by the president's son when he came back from europe to challenge the best players there. but until a couple of years later, there wasn't an official world championship match Paul Keres faced an amazingly strong opposition and never suceeded in becoming the challenger. His life scores are positive with world play chess online…
Chess Online ♡ 313 ( +1 | -1 )
Benko Gambit (in crisis) Although I love the Benko gambit (and I think it is particularly effective against puters), I now believe it is in crisis. The move 10. Rb1 seems to allow of no good plan for black - always white seems to maintain the advantage (realize this is not the same thing as victory). I used to play this opening often as black (and had many good results - in fact, never lost a game - always won or draw) - but I can't play it play chess online…
Chess Vs Computer ♡ 352 ( +1 | -1 )
HELP - Books for Beginner?? I should start to train a group of kids age 8 to 12 at the beginning of September. Playing strength is almost equal. I would summarize their playing strength with "Few mistakes in the first half-move, understanding of very basic chess principles (development), no calculation of moves after their own first half-move. I do have very, very few books for this level (for me as trainer and also for self-studies), so I would play chess online…
Chess Games ♡ 391 ( +1 | -1 )
Kasparov vs Ponomariov Any predictions for the upcoming World Chess Championship match next week?? I think that Kasparov will win by a large margin... I think it's been postponed. Troubles with finances, no suprise as it was supposed to be held in Argentina. I read that it had been put back till November, or that it might be played in September somewhere else. Whenever it is I think Kasparov will play chess online…
Chess Notation ♡ 430 ( +1 | -1 )
Latest stalemate On what move does the latest possible stalemate occur, when both players cooperate? In problems like the above one, it is understood that the 50 move rule is applied automatically, i.e. without one of the players having to claim the draw. Thus the rule is NOT: The game may be drawn if each player has made the last 50 consecutive moves without the movement of any pawn and without the capture of any piece. Instead it is: The play chess online…
Online Chess ♡ 469 ( +1 | -1 )
i need to better myself on line calculation. no matter how hard i try i can not calculate many lines in a game , im too slow and get lost in the variations. I can play blindfold but still can not calculate that many lines. almost always endup playing soard of by heart which is not that bad until i get to play really high competition. i blew a beautifull game whith onlyapawn which should have been a draw for that its been sometime since but that play chess online…
Playing Chess ♡ 508 ( +1 | -1 )
What Is The Best Analysis Software? I have used ChessMaster on PS2 as an analytical tool up until several weeks ago when it started collapsing for some unknown reason. this has now given me the opportunity to look at spending some money on chess software but I don't know which to get. I liked ChessMaster as I could play it as a tough or easy opponent depending on my mood. it offered tournaments/training/analysis and was very flexible and easy to play chess online…